Friday, June 17, 2005

Family's Love

In D. H. Lawrence's piece "The Rocking Horse Winner," he presents a relationship between a mother and son. A greedy mother which is always dissatisfies with their family financial situation and she does not feel any love to her children at all. A son who is aspires to have the love from his mother. Therefore, in order to gain attention from his mother, this kid starts to gamble with the tips which are provided by a toy horse.

Unfortunately, this kid never can have his mother love because he dies shortly after he lost his sanity. In my opinion, the purpose of Lawrence wrote this piece is telling parents do not spend much of their time in money pursuing or other things. He hopes parents can spend more time on their children to fulfill their psychological needs. I love this story and I recommend to all parents.


At 2:56 PM, Blogger writingskillsmed said...

But, the question still remains about whether or not the mother ever gets to love her son, especially because at the end she is at his side.

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