Thursday, June 09, 2005

My literature experience

My favorite literature is "The color of Water", which is a fiction written by a son of an African American and a Jewish. Through this fiction, I was told how the mind of a son was effected because his parents had different backgrounds; what he felt about when every of his siblings moved out, went to good colleges and developed good careers. What his mother experienced during she was young also plays an important role in this fiction, it displays an unequal image to me how women were treated during earlier in last century. What I am reading is the great story of the prominent African American sisters, "Having Our Says." When I start to read this story, I feel I am inspired by these sisters. Their stories were true Americans stories. These two sisters were living together until they died, they did not marry. They were living for each other. Their stories are so amazing and I was told a lot of American history by this fiction since the 1900's.

Through this class, I want to have more experience of reading English literature. Because I think I did not have much experience in reading literature as much as the others, somehow I can say I hate literature. Therefore, I hope this class can change my point of view to literature.


At 8:37 PM, Blogger writingskillsmed said...

It seems to me that you appreciate what authors have to say. This tells me that you can like many pieces, once you have read them and understand them.


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