Saturday, June 25, 2005

Past & Now's Old Maids

"Old Maids" which is by Sandra Cisneros, it tells a story about the narrative and her cousins do not marry and live together. It reflects a social situation that women lost the confidence in men. They do not believe men anymore. They might be hurt by men before and they learnt from the experiences of their families or friends. However, they are spiritual empty because they lack of the basic element of our human being.

Love is a basic element of human being's needs, it can help us to relieve from pressure, especially the love from lover. However, many people can leave without lover's love. They may even live better than other people, such as some of the women who are living in this modern society. They are doing better than men do and have better lives than men have. Therefore, as women become more independent the "Old Maids" is not a matter anymore and this may bring another important social issue -- gay marriage.


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