Friday, June 17, 2005

Roses for women are living in conservative era.

"A Rose for Emily" which is a piece reveals a daughter under the situation of over-protecting by her father. This was a tragedy for a woman life, and on the other hand, the story of Emily also represented many women who were living or are living in conservative society. She never enters any marriage, never can feel the love between man and woman which is the basic element of our human lives. Finally, this poor girl lost her sanity and went to become a psycho.

In my point of view, this was not only the fault of her father, but also the fault of this society. Her father should responsible for this mostly because he did not let her daughter to have a positive view of love. As a result, she learnt the other way to possess her love – killing her "lover". Furthermore, the society also has responsibility to this tragedy because they did not try anything to help her out. It reveals the aspect of unconcern of humanity.


At 2:57 PM, Blogger writingskillsmed said...

At what points throughout the story could the townspeople have helped Emily?


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