Saturday, June 25, 2005

Wisdom in Ode

In William Wordsworth's "Ode" excerpt, he presented a clear message to me when I was reading this. If I lose something in the past, I can not get it back. Therefore, as a wise individual, we should not waste our time on something which is not necessary to our lives because time will never come back since it went away silently.

Furthermore, it also states even though I missed something very important in the past, I should not feel sad or bad. I should learn from every failure or loss, because it will help me to prevent the same error from happening and success at last. That reminds me a sentence from Chinese, "When you were born, people around you were smiling, but you was crying. When you are dying, people around you are crying, hopefully you are the one who is smiling." I have to keep working and working to achieve as much as possible, in order to feel no regret at all when my life come to the end.


At 10:00 PM, Blogger writingskillsmed said...

Thank you for sharing the Chinese thought.


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