Friday, July 08, 2005

The Guilty Family

I have read the Chinese version of “Hamlet” before. However, compare to reading in English version, English version has its own feeling which can not be found from Chinese version.

“Hamlet” is one of the most important plays written by William Shakespeare. In this play, Shakespeare uses his excellent writing skills to demonstrate a tragedy which changed the whole family’s destiny. Hamlet, which is the main character and the main victim in this play, was told by a ghost who is identified as his father to revenge on his death. But he still hesitated about whether to kill the king for his father or not. The famous monolog “to be or not to be” comes out because of this situation. The whole family of Hamlet’s lover dies because of Hamlet, and the king and queen die also finally.

Through out this play, Shakespeare discloses the negative face of human being. This play is full of the battle of authority, ambition and betrays; this is a good example to our human being. Before Hamlet dies, he tells his friend to let people know his story in order to prevent this kind of tragedy happen again.


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